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Beg for your life

Beg for your life PvP on Xavius for the real horde.
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 Leechers and Abusers - This is what happen.

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Leechers and Abusers - This is what happen. Empty
PostSubject: Leechers and Abusers - This is what happen.   Leechers and Abusers - This is what happen. Icon_minitimeFri Dec 28, 2007 1:32 am

Greetings fellow guildmembers.

As you probably have heard, there's a flaw in the new Arena system. The flaw is based on the Personal Rating and a way to increase it very very easily.

First of all, the Personal Rating exist to make true and dedicated PvP-players to get benefits for being such, to shine and glow more then just casual PvPers. Therefore they chosed to make weapons and shoulders being victims of the new Personal Rating-requirements. The reason for that is ofcourse: Appearance. The items look very cool and uniqe and are easily recognised.

The flaw I talk about is that you have 4 members in your team, 2 loosing all the time until they hit rock bottom, then the other 2 easily win they way up to great personal rating. And when the 2 with good rating have gotten their items, they just do it reverse. (This explanation is about a 2v2 team ofcourse.)

This is a very lame and dishonorable way of succeeding in Arena. The Personal Rating were implemented for a reason, to abuse this flaw is to bend the rules a bit too much.

So the reason for this topic is to warn you all. If I see something like this you'll be punished. You do not only put yourself down the mud, but bringing our whole guild. There's a few, big and famous, guilds that have been disbanding because of bad reputation. We don't wanna be one of those. And we don't wanna have our members to be suspended or banned.

Leech and get kicked out of the guild.
Leech and abuse flaws in the system, and I'll personally kick you and get you reported and hopefully suspended from WoW.

That's all from me.
Thank you all for reading.

Leechers and Abusers - This is what happen. 730947fRqeT
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Leechers and Abusers - This is what happen.
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