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Beg for your life PvP on Xavius for the real horde.
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 Warlockism For All

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PostSubject: Warlockism For All   Warlockism For All Icon_minitimeWed Oct 24, 2007 2:04 am

Hello fellow warlocks, in this post i'm gonna try to giving you guys some help for playing your character. You may know most of it, but maybe you can get something useful!

First, there isn't a single pvp spec for a warlock, you can be good with any spec. But there are some better than others, and for different types of playing.

Let's give it a generic overview:

Deep Destruction
Positive: Lots of damage, aoe stun with decent damage (shadowfury), can nuke with both fire and shadow, and that's great if one of them gets counter-spelled or something.
Negative: Lacks survivability. Depends too much on critical hits, which are a mix of luck and GREAT gear.

Deep Demonology:
Positive: Great survivability. Decent damage output. Felguard's Intercept is life-saving if used well.
Negative: Lacks nuke. Pet will die too fast if another player focuses on him, rendering you useless, unless you re-summon, of course.

Deep Affliction:
Positive: Very strong dots, dealing a nice amount of damage. Unstable Affliction, which is a healer-killer. Good draining. Instant Howl of Terror, which is very very handy!
Negative: Also lacks nuke. Lacks survivability for big fights. Gets nerfed all the time.

There are also hybrid specs, such as the (in)famous SL/SL build (Siphon Life / Soul Link) which are also good.

About gear... Well, i know most people think they can own pvp with tons of spelldamage and stamina.. Well that's a lie. Good game if you have 1100 spell damage and 14k HP.. If your resillience is ZERO, you're TOAST.

Screw those damage points you'll lose in pvp gear, the resi and stamina make up for it, trust me.

Also, you'd be wanting to grab some spell penetration gear / enchants. Try to have around 60 or more. Why? Well, shadow resistance auras, demo warlocks and shadow protection... With, let's say... hmm.. 90 spell penetration, you can nulify any of those, but let's not go so far and stick around 60-70 for now.

Wanna start pvp but you wanna get some better gear first?

What about enchants? What to choose?

Now about the fighting, instead of talking a lot and speak of my own experience, which surely isn't the best out there, i'll just post some links i found useful for you:

DPS calculator:

Arena Guide:

Useful Macros:

100 tips and tricks (not all are useful but some of them are pure gold):

Hope this helps! I'll be updating as i find out more stuff!
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